Hello, I’m Graham Pryor, an independent author living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and a bit of a wordsmith it has been said. After a lifetime working in information management, I now have the luxury of being able to dedicate my time to writing (which is really what I’ve wanted to do all along).

You have landed on my home page where, above, you’ll catch a glimpse of my ‘home beach’, the Forvie Reserve, a great open fresh airy place, just perfect for walking the dog and thinking about what I’ll write next.

I have published three books in 2017, Origins, Justice and more recently Kaleidoscope, all of which are available in print or as e-books. In 2018 I have published the short historical novel His Orgy of Crime. Together, they bring my overall tally to four novels, one autobiographical collection plus two technical books on the subject of research data management. I currently have two more works of fiction on the stocks.

This site is my showcase and the means to keep you up to speed with new material I’m working on. All published works are available from Amazon and are eagerly awaiting your reviews.